Secure data management.

Bring in all the data you need to enrich your finance and HR analytics. Workday provides data management in the cloud so you can store, process, and secure any data.

Data management at lightning speed.

Bring in any data and centrally manage permissions using Workday security.

Get a full view of all of your data in a single catalogue.

Manage data with elegance and speed.

Easily navigate, trace, and use any data. Workday data management makes it possible to store and process data with simplicity and high performance.

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of all of your data with one searchable data catalogue.
  • Trust all of your data with detailed traceability into dataset creation and updates.
  • Store data and process analytics at high speed with in-memory technology.
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Take control of your information.

Governing data in Workday Prism Analytics is easy. Our security framework enables you to centrally manage permissions and flexibly change who can access specific data.

  • Give access based on roles and cut out maintenance work.
  • Set low-level security rights to control who sees what.
  • Use the data catalogue to centralise permissions.