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Delivered in the cloud and unified with Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Payroll offers a new way of managing payroll so you can have complete control and accountability over your entire payroll process.

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Initiate payroll processing for a pay group directly from your dashboard.

Manage labour costs with real-time insights into global overtime actuals.

Instantly access accurate information on headcount by pay group.

Workday Payroll for global companies

Workday offers choice and flexibility for companies with varying multi-country payroll requirements in the US, Canada, the UK, and France. In addition, Workday provides solutions and programmes to support your global workforce. Workday Global Payroll Cloud allows you to integrate with any third-party payroll provider in the world by deploying certified, prebuilt integrations from Workday partners. Workday Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll gives you the ability to create and maintain integrations with external (non-Workday) payroll solutions more easily. 

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All your data in one place

With a unified solution for human capital management, time tracking, payroll, and financial management, all of your data flows seamlessly through to payroll so everyone is paid accurately and on time.  

  • Reduce manual entries and errors since HR transactions and time entries go straight through to payroll.
  • Access real-time global labour trends to improve operational and financial planning.
  • View accurate, up-to-date payroll tax and financial reporting in one solution.


Powerful, yet easy to use

The robust calculation engine can handle complex payroll requirements while giving you complete control over your payroll processes, data, and costs.

  • Manage how gross-to-net is calculated, define criteria for specific earnings and deductions, and automate your payroll checklists.
  • Access pay results for any employee or period or run predefined reports at any time.
  • Gain control over your costs by avoiding charges for reports, pay components, or calculations from service bureaus.

Flexible payroll management

Workday Payroll gives you the ability to adapt to rapid organisational change so you can control how your workforce is paid.

  • Run payroll calculations for an individual or group as often as you want.
  • Manage an unlimited number of pay groups, earnings and deductions, and costing allocations.
  • Configure accumulations, balance periods, and balances according to your current calculation and reporting needs.

Instant insights into payroll

Drill into payroll details, analyse reports, and run audits at any time with built-in analytics and reporting. Workday Payroll gives you instant access to general ledger journal lines, upcoming compliance changes that affect your employee population, and global labour cost actuals.

  • Get real-time visibility into your general ledger before payroll completes and see journal entry lines.
  • Stay on top of tax and regulatory changes through the compliance dashboard and auto-updates via the cloud.
  • View accurate, real-time labour actuals for your global workforce in an easy-to-use compliance dashboard.

Payroll outsourcing services

Workday provides payroll outsourcing services through our partners – AON Hewitt and OneSource Virtual – to help you securely and confidently pay your workers while relying on the foundation of Workday Payroll.

Learn how Workday’s payroll partner programme saves you time and money

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