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Put people at the centre of your business.

Easily plan, recruit, and nurture talent, and provide the training your people need to lead using just one system: Workday Human Capital Management (HCM).

Workday HCM software provides complete visibility into your global workforce and a better user experience, so you can keep your people engaged and help them grow.

A smarter approach to HCM.

Engage your people on their preferred device.

Take action and respond to changes on the fly.

Use one version of a single system across your entire organisation.

Make better business decisions based on contextual insight.

Get a full view of talent, labour, and cost with HCM software that's one with finance and payroll.

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Human resource management.

Manage the full worker life cycle – from staffing to compensation – using a single intuitive human capital management system.

  • Modify organisational structures using flexible organisation management.
  • Allow your teams to define and manage their own business processes.
  • Empower all employees with a consistent, engaging, and social experience across all devices.
  • Manage your entire workforce, including contingent workers, to ensure global consistency and allow for local variation.

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People analytics.

Accurately interpret data and take action directly. Our people analytics are embedded throughout Workday Human Capital Management, giving you a single source of truth, a continuous user experience, and an easy way to take action.

  • Provide on-the-go executives with insights on any device to understand the health of the organisation.
  • Help managers and executives quickly see what’s driving metrics with contextual reports and dashboards.
  • Drill down to the transaction level and take action from anywhere in a report, dashboard, or scorecard.
  • Access thousands of Workday reports and analytics at no extra charge.

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Audit and internal controls.

Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of internal and external audits. Workday was created post-Sarbanes-Oxley, so audit and internal controls are built into the system.

  • Leverage a comprehensive record of transactions with complete audit trails.
  • Easily aggregate transactional and operational records for audits.
  • Reduce cost and maintenance complexity with built-in security controls.
  • Use live data to make better business decisions.

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Workforce planning.

Workday Workforce Planning is the only cloud application that seamlessly works with your core HR system-of-record, giving you unparalleled insight into your current workforce and future needs.

  • Create plans in a familiar spreadsheet experience, using key dimensions like organisation, job profile, worker type, skill, and location.
  • Combine financial data with live talent insights to implement or improve talent strategies.
  • Flexibly model evolving business conditions, such as growth or reduction to match demand.

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Quickly find the best and brightest by understanding your entire talent pool.

  • Use analytics to understand your current talent and guide recruiting processes.
  • Speed up recruiting with collaborative capabilities for the whole hiring team.
  • Nurture candidates throughout the hiring process with an intuitive, mobile experience.
  • Search your internal talent to fill positions and retain employees.
  • Plan, hire, and onboard using a single HCM application.

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Talent management.

Align talent, pay for performance, and develop tomorrow’s leaders. Workday Talent Management lets you do all that and more.

  • Enable employees and managers to discuss career goals collaboratively.
  • Empower employees to build connections, seek guidance, and design their career path.
  • Measure employee engagement and company culture with pulse surveys.
  • Manage and evaluate succession plans for essential jobs in your organisation.
  • Identify retention risk trends so you can retain high-risk top performers.
  • Increase first-day productivity and streamline administrative tasks using Workday Onboarding.

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Make learning meaningful. With Workday, you can engage employees at every stage in their career through shareable learning experiences accessible on any device.

  • Personalise content based on who employees are and what they do.
  • Manage all aspects of learning, from informal learning to compliance training.
  • Deliver engaging, interactive video content.
  • Measure learning effectiveness through built-in, actionable reporting.

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Get the tools you need to provide competitive packages that attract and retain talent anywhere.

  • Define packages, plans, and programmes using data from Workday and the marketplace.
  • Invest in valuable team members based on their ability to deliver results.
  • Plan, analyse, and execute compensation plans using a single source of data.
  • Easily create compensation plans with flexible location profiles and currency options.
  • Use data to facilitate compensation review processes.

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Payroll management.

With a single system for payroll and HCM, you can pay your employees on time, every time.

  • Seamlessly manage HR transactions that affect payroll – from new compensation plans to onboarding and reorganisations.
  • Support your organisation’s unique payroll needs with a flexible calculation engine.
  • Get tax and regulatory updates automatically via the cloud.
  • Speed up year-end reporting and financial planning with always-current data.

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Time and absence management.

Manage your entire workforce, anytime, anywhere.

  • Provide your people with a truly mobile, intuitive system.
  • Reduce compliance risks by automating rules and calculations.
  • Easily track and analyse your team’s time-off requests.
  • Turn insight to action and efficiently manage your workforce.

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