Planning, Budgeting, and forecasting

Plan your work. Work your plan.

Address today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. With Workday, your organisational, workforce, and financial data come together in one seamless system, making it easy for you to budget, plan, and forecast with ease and accuracy.

Create budgets and forecasts using native spreadsheet capabilities.

Build driver-based models with data from Workday and external systems.

Securely share plans with full comment streams and audit trails.

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One system for every plan.

Whether you’re creating financial or workforce plans, Workday enables you to bring them together in one system.

  • Develop financial budgets, forecasts, and models for all kinds of plans, including headcount, salary, revenue, and more.
  • Create plans based on your organisation's current and future structure.
  • Use embedded business processes to govern and control your planning cycle.

Model the future.

As conditions change, you can adjust your plans and take action sooner to realise more impactful results.

  • Use a built-in spreadsheet natively within Workday to reference live or static data and build driver-based models – no Excel “add-in” required.
  • Link worksheets together that reference live or static data to build driver-based models.
  • Create models to determine how workforce, headcount, and organisational decisions will impact revenue, profitability, and financial performance.


Financial forecasting and budgeting is a team sport.

Facilitate collaboration among finance, HR, and business leaders to build better plans.

  • Drive participation and accountability by sharing your plans with the right people, at the right time.
  • Maintain a comment stream throughout the planning process so you can see updates from each participant.
  • Review and update your financial budgets and forecasts from the device of your choice.