Effective projects from start to finish.

Plan, staff, manage, budget, forecast, bill, and analyse projects using cloud-based project management software.

Predict resource demand by viewing incoming contracts and required project skills.

Gain actionable insights on a project’s progress, revenue, cost, and profitability.

Take action on real-time resource, operational, and financial data from any device.

Productive teams, profitable projects, happy customers.

From resource assignment to financial reporting, Workday gives you the insight you need to make projects successful.

  • Improve productivity by managing the entire project life cycle in one place.
  • Make better decisions with complete visibility into resource, project, and financial information.
  • Manage project timelines, milestones, and statuses with role-based security and controls.
  • Develop project budgets using both top-down and bottom-up approaches.
  • Automate processing and accounting for capital projects.

Help your people shine.

Define roles, view worker availability and performance, and shop for talent from within or outside of your organisation.

  • Get a holistic view of your staffing needs with a centralised resource management dashboard.
  • Forecast resource demand and orchestrate team assignments to increase utilisation and client satisfaction.
  • Staff projects based on skills, job profile, performance, availability, and more.
  • Accelerate collaboration through a built-in contextual chat feature that’s linked with workflows.

Go global, go mobile.

Provide your workforce with flexible reporting and actionable analytics on the go. With Workday, you get full insight into project status, profitability, and utilisation from any device.

  • Easily view and act on key project analytics, including resource demand, project status, and more.
  • Give your workforce mobile access to project data, expenses, and time entry.
  • Offer flexible billing and a variety of expense types that address the most complex customer requests.
  • Strengthen control and compliance via always-on audits that self-document changes as they happen.