Workday and Plex Systems Inc.

Founded in 1995, Plex was born on the shop floor of a factory making axles, pinion gears, and drive shafts. Our founders are the workers who kept the presses running and made sure parts matched customer specs. Frustrated with inaccurate inventory, machine breakdowns, and the production of incorrect parts, they built Plex to make the plant run better. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud now connects every manufacturing operation in the cloud for maximum efficiency, productivity, and visibility, while supporting continuous innovation.

Starting with automotive metal forming in 2001, Plex rapidly expanded to support a wide range of discrete manufacturing operations across many industries. The company later added process manufacturing capabilities, targeted specifically at food and beverage producers. Plex now supports nearly 615 organizations and 2,089 production facilities in 22 countries around the world.

We considered the Workday purchase to be an investment in our growth. It represented best-in-class technology that would grow with us going forward. Plus, our own company growth is furthered by just having a system like Workday, which helps many of our employees do their jobs more efficiently.

Chris Pesola

Vice President of IT