Workday and Cornell University

Cornell University is a private and statutory Ivy League research university located in Ithaca, New York. The university is broadly organized into seven undergraduate colleges and seven graduate divisions at its main Ithaca campus, with each college and division defining its own admissions standards and academic programs in near autonomy. 

Workday allows us to do a lot of things in human resources that we haven't been able to do to date. A major benefit is that we can move forward faster. We aren't bogged down by difficult and time-consuming upgrades.

Mary Opperman

Vice President of Human Resources

  • Needed a flexible system that could scale with the growing university and help address financial challenges resulting from the recession
  • Administrative functions needed to be streamlined to free up resources for core missions
  • Reorganizations were complicated
  • Integrations with external systems were not in real time
  • Managers only had access to old data from multiple sources
  • Employee and manager self-service enables the HR team to lower its transaction costs and apply more resources to core missions
  • Lower maintenance costs and less complexity with the SaaS delivery model helps reduce the burden on IT
  • Organization charts better clarify reporting structures 
  • Improved insight into processes and approvals all under worker history
  • Managers now have access to a real-time workforce dashboard, including analytics for decision-making

See the infographic to learn how Cornell University has benefited from Workday.