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Workday Delivers Workday Initiatives

Also Enhances Workday Human Capital Management With New Talent Management Capabilities; Customers Gain Unprecedented Insight Into Workforce and Work With One Unified Solution

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwire - December 7, 2010) - Workday Inc., the leader in SaaS-based enterprise solutions for global human resources, payroll and financial management, today announced Workday Initiatives, a work management solution delivered in the cloud. Workday also announced it has enhanced Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) with a series of new talent management capabilities. More than 175 enterprises have selected Workday to manage, engage, and optimize a total combined global workforce of more than one million employees and contingent workers across 75 countries.

What's New
Workday Initiatives is a work management solution that leverages the Workday HCM foundation, allowing companies to plan, staff, manage, and analyze the total cost, quality, and nature of work being done within their organizations.

  • Structuring Work. Workday Initiatives can model various types of work, including client project engagements, product research and development efforts, customer support, marketing campaigns, and grant work.
  • Staffing Work. Workday Initiatives enables managers to easily find qualified and available employees or contingent workers using a multi-faceted talent search to compare detailed worker profiles and ensure the right resources are dedicated to the most critical company initiatives.
  • Capturing Work. Workday Initiatives allows workers to report time spent on work assigned to them using an intuitive user interface. Workday's public web services API enables simple and secure sharing of key project information with third-party systems.
  • Aligning Work. Workday Initiatives allows executives and managers to link business goals and work efforts with corporate and individual performance by providing a real-time view of progress and cost of work occurring within the organization. 
  • Analyzing Work. Workday Initiatives' embedded and actionable analytics enable executives and managers to gain real-time insight into the operational status of high-priority work efforts. Key performance indicators such as progress-to-plan, current assigned resources, and total spend to date can be accessed directly from a single dashboard.
  • Costing Work. Workday Initiatives provides a new understanding of cost and profitability associated with customers, products, projects, and other key work efforts by going beyond employee compensation costs to capture the total true cost of work.

Workday has also made significant talent management enhancements to Workday HCM. These features that make it easier for organizations to find, assess, and reward talent are available immediately to all Workday HCM customers as part of their current subscription.

  • Faceted Search. Users can easily search and find full-time or contingent workers in the Workday system in a way similar to how one might shop online. Search results can be filtered by more than 20 specific user facets including location, job, competencies, languages, talent assessment data, performance data, and work experience.
  • Talent Pools. Workers can now be tagged from a search or report to be grouped into talent pools, enabling managers and HR professionals to create, monitor, and take action on a group of employees and contingent workers without regard to organizational boundaries. The membership of any given talent pool may be defined by criteria such as fluency in a certain language, high potential individuals, strong management potential, or college graduation class.
  • Collaborative Anytime Feedback. Managers and employees now have a collaborative tool for soliciting and providing feedback on an employee at any time. Feedback can span across direct supervisory relationships or cross-functional teams, and is available as input into informal and formal performance reviews, career development plans, and can be posted to a worker's talent profile.
  • Multiple Performance Factors for Bonus Compensation. Managers can now use multiple, weighted organizational performance factors when determining individual bonus awards. Managers have discretion over the individual performance factor and its weighting, and Workday calculates all other factors based on compensation scorecards and scorecard results at the corporate, departmental, and/or team levels.

Comments on the News
"Workday Initiatives is really the next step in our journey to link people with organizational performance. By enabling companies to manage the worker, their work and the true cost of work in one unified system, we are providing a new understanding of human impact on organizational results," said Aneel Bhusri, Workday co-CEO. "Because Workday solutions are delivered in the cloud on a single code line, we can deliver new product capabilities without downtime or additional cost to our customers, at a pace that's unmatched by on-premise vendors."

About Workday
Workday is the leader in SaaS-based enterprise solutions for global human resources, payroll and financial management, providing new levels of business agility for a fraction of the cost of buying, deploying and maintaining legacy on-premise systems. More than 175 companies, spanning mid-sized organizations to global Fortune 500 businesses with employees in more than 75 countries, have selected Workday. Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Financial Management use modern, standards-based technologies to provide an unparalleled level of agility, ease-of-use, and integration capability. For more information about Workday, please visit

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