Accelerated reporting processes tip the scale towards flexibility.

The upscale grocer dramatically cuts down time spent on close processes and speeds up forecasting.

Even though Excel spreadsheets met the financial management needs for upscale grocer Lunds, the retailer found it challenging to maintain, reformat and reconfigure data. Workday Adaptive Planning delivered the flexible and intuitive solution they required to accelerate planning and fuel momentum. With Workday Adaptive Planning, store general managers had relevant information at their fingertips instead of browsing through spreadsheet tabs. More efficient reporting processes ultimately slashed the monthly close down from one week to mere minutes, which led to faster forecasting and the finance team helping drive overall business strategy.

Workday Adaptive Planning is very intuitive. We have it rolled out to about 45 end users and a lot of those are grocery retailers; they're not on a computer their entire work day.

Director of Finance


  • Reformatting and reconfiguring in Excel required a lot of maintenance
  • Difficulty tracking the impact of four different union group employee pay levels
  • Lengthy monthly close process


  • Real-time capabilities sped up reporting processes
  • Users can easily view the impact of changing union contracts by modifying one item in a single cell
  • Monthly closing process went down from a week to minutes

With Workday Adaptive Planning, our summer isn't consumed with the budget. We're doing a lot more planning and value-added work for the organisation versus spending time working on Excel spreadsheets.

Director of Finance

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