Our Technology Foundation

A technology platform that gets better every day.

At Workday, we build on a flexible foundation that enables us to continually broaden our technology platform.  From machine learning and extensible frameworks to analytics and more, we’re working to bring you increasingly intelligent and personalized experiences.

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Our building blocks.


Business Process Framework (BPF)

Our flexible business process framework lets you configure how processes work—no coding needed.

Universal: Make a change and have it instantly reflected across all of Workday. 

Connected: Connect to third-party systems and add integration steps right into a process flow.

Auditable: Track process changes  from beginning to end.

Object Data Model

We use objects to model entities, attributes, and relationships, which is key for adaptability.

Durable: Workday evolves from release to release without re-architecture.

Extensible: Objects can be customized to match your needs.

Metadata-focused: Developers can focus on building functionality, independent of underlying technology.

Reporting and Analytics

Workday combines transactions and analytics, so you get real-time insights when you need them.

Descriptive: Get up-to-the-minute insights with over 3,400 customizable reports and over 85 customizable dashboards.

Exploratory: Search and explore data using self-service visualization capabilities. 

Augmented: Get AI-surfaced insights in easy-to-understand narratives and take action.

Configurable Security

We deploy industry-leading safeguards to enforce security at all times.

Protection: We support multifactor authentication, view logging, and step-up authentication—and that’s just for starters.

Encryption: We continuously encrypt data and monitor for emerging threats.

Trust: We maintain compliance with the most stringent security and privacy regulations across the globe.

Machine Learning

To deliver more personal and intelligent user experiences, we apply machine learning in three core areas.

Knowledge: We identify patterns in data to surface trends and augment your decisions. Today, we apply it in key areas, such as skills cloud and intelligent search.

Visualization: We collect textual information from visual data, which lets you create transcripts from videos and extract information from resumes.

Language: We interpret what you say to deliver conversational UIs and digital assistants.

Integration Cloud

With Workday, you get multiple ways to seamlessly integrate data and systems.

Data migration: Get a guided interface to make data loading fast and easy.

Cloud connectors: Use prebuilt processing logic, data transformation, and error handling to integrate faster at a lower cost.  

Open APIs: Connect directly with Workday Web Services and REST-based APIs for customizations.