Workday and NTU

NTU is a research-intensive public university with 33,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in engineering, business, science, humanities, arts, and social sciences. NTU is also home to six world-class autonomous institutes, including its Lee Kong Qian School of Medicine. It has been ranked among the world’s top universities by QS World University Rankings; it was ranked the top young university for the past 7 years and listed among the top 15 most beautiful university campuses globally.

Workday at NTU is more than just an investment in technology transformation. It is a new employee experience and a step change in the way we work, communicate, and interact.

Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Manual payroll administration process took two to three weeks
  • Manual data entry made accuracy hard to track
  • Disparate legacy systems led to complex processes and more paperwork
  • Managers spent too much time on administrative tasks
  • Limited analytics and reporting capabilities slowed decision-making
  • User-friendly employee experience attracts talent
  • Evidence-based insights enhance decision-making
  • Single source of truth provides increased efficiency
  • Integrated system streamlines 65 HR apps
  • Refreshed employee experience better engages the workforce
  • Supported headcount planning optimizes the effectiveness of NTU’s manpower cost