Workday and Cornell University

Once called "the first American university" by educational historian Frederick Rudolph, Cornell University represents a distinctive mix of eminent scholarship and democratic ideals. Adding practical subjects to the classics and admitting qualified students regardless of nationality, race, social circumstance, gender, or religion was quite a departure when Cornell was founded in 1865.

Workday allows us to do a lot of things in human resources that we haven't been able to do to date. A major benefit is that we can move forward faster. We aren't bogged down by difficult and time-consuming upgrades.

Mary Opperman

Vice President of Human Resources

  • Needed a flexible system that matches the way the university is run.
  • Had to address financial challenges as a result of the recession.
  • Needed to streamline administrative functions in order to free up resources to put toward core missions.
  • Workday Human Capital Management
  • Workday Payroll
  • Consolidation of administrative human resources and payroll operations into a unified shared service environment which better addresses the quick pace of hiring that goes on when large research awards are granted.
  • User interface is intuitive and easy to use, enabling employee self-service.
  • Can move forward faster without being bogged down by difficult and time-consuming upgrades.
  • Human resources team will lower its transaction costs and be able to focus more of its resources on core missions due to employee and manager self-service.
  • Lower maintenance costs and less complexity with software-as-a-service delivery model will reduce burden on IT.