Cloudator gains visibility into operations with one system change.

"Now, every improvement we make, is across our whole group of companies and impacts every employee in all our countries." —Founder and CEO

Enhanced reporting, consolidations, and invoicing

Increased usability, controls, and visibility

12 applications consolidated into one application

When Cloudator began to expand internationally, the company had to use various accounting agencies and outsourcing partners in the nine countries it operated in. Not only was this cumbersome and expensive, but the company soon realised its finance organisation wasn’t running as effectively as it should be. It couldn’t consolidate its numbers at month end, and it was tricky to get the various accounting agencies and outsourcing partners aligned.

Cloudator quickly realised it needed a system that would consolidate the business applications it was using.

Industry-leading customer service.

When Cloudator reviewed the technology available to them, they could see Workday was way ahead of the competition. With a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating, Workday customers clearly benefit from a superior experience that extends past their go-live date.

Jarko Uzal, Founder and CEO of Cloudator, says: “Workday customers are happy. I looked at the options open to us and became convinced that Workday was the only choice for a company like ours – despite being a small company.”

Increase in value with a single system.

With Workday, Cloudator gets a unified system – something that would be impossible to achieve with any other product. Jarko says: “Having a unified HR, financials and project management system, provides us with significant value. We’ve got every employee in our organisation using Workday and everything is done within the system.”

We are growing and expanding geographically at a fast pace. As we go into a new country, we adopt Workday immediately. Workday is part of our DNA

Founder and CEO

Enhanced reporting, consolidations, and invoicing.

Our innovative approach to transaction processing means Cloudator can view results on Workday immediately. With real-time reporting at its fingertips, management can easily provide financial data across its group of companies to all its stakeholders. And because of the application’s self-service nature, executives can go into the system to access and analyse the numbers they’re interested in.

The flexible reporting, transaction capabilities and rich data set allows users to go from high-level reporting such as consolidated profit and loss statements, and monthly diversity data, to transactional data such as the profitability of projects, utilisation rates and average revenue per working hour.

“Because we have standard processes across the group, everything we need is always in place. The list of benefits we realise from using Workday are long. One example is we can now do invoicing in a couple of hours and carry out a group consolidation across all countries in a couple of days. Previously, this took us up to 15 days. We now have visibility of everything on a daily basis.” Jarko Uzal, Founder and CEO, Cloudator.

Workday Professional Services Automation gives us the tools to assign our talent to the most challenging projects, based on their availability and competencies.

Founder and CEO

Increased usability, controls, and visibility.

The easy-to-use and intuitive user interface across Workday has allowed all Cloudator employees to adopt the technology quickly and easily.

While they previously struggled with manual reporting, errors and out-of-date data, these issues have been wiped away. Jarko adds: “We have visibility into our operations and we understand how our business is doing. We never had that before.” What’s more, all business processes now happen within Workday. This protects Cloudator from fraud and processing errors, and ensures operational and financial compliance.

12 applications consolidated into one application.

Because Cloudator operates in various countries, the number of applications it was using began to pile up. With Workday, these have been condensed into one application – helping the company become more professional and productive while boosting customer and employee satisfaction.

Employees adopted Workday quickly without the need for training. The system made it easy for staff to find the information they need when they need it—enhancing transparency. Plus, with fewer touch points, they can access the data much faster.

We continue to improve every day, every week, and every month. We’re introducing new capabilities all the time. And while we could make enhancements before, it would only have been on one platform. Now, every improvement we make, is across our whole group of companies and impacts every employee in all our countries.

Founder and CEO

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