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Workday Extends Built-In Business Intelligence

Contextual Tools Make It Easy to Create Reports Based on Live, Actionable Information

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2009) - Workday, Inc., the leader in enterprise-class SaaS-based Human Resources (HR) and Financial solutions, today detailed new additions to the built-in business intelligence capabilities included with all Workday solutions.

What's New

-- Workday's new contextual reporting capabilities are delivered as a direct component of the system of record, allowing users to create reports on the fly from anywhere within the application. Workday can automatically aggregate information and create a report based on where the user is within the system and the data they're reviewing at that time.

-- Workday has extended its 'drilldown' capability, which allows users to click on numbers within a report to find relevant details about that piece of data or click on an icon near the number to see additional dimensions in which they can view further information. Workday now includes drilldown on summary numbers in charts, so users can click through both numerical tables and graphical charts.

-- The Workday Community portal now allows customers to post, tag and rate report templates for sharing with practitioners at other companies. Dozens of report templates are currently available, including contributions from customers, partners, Workday consultants and product management.

-- All Workday business intelligence capabilities are fully actionable: users can move directly from real-time data review to initiating and completing transactions.

-- Workday contextual reporting is available as a part of update 7, and is immediately available to all Workday customers.

Workday Business Intelligence

-- Workday's innovative architecture makes business intelligence and analytic capabilities a core component of our HR and Financial solutions, unlike traditional ERP software that requires add-on software or entirely separate systems.

-- With Workday, business intelligence uses real-time data from the system of record, not a point-in-time export to a data warehouse, ensuring users can analyze and act on the most current information.

-- Workday provides packaged and custom report capabilities that are fully available as Web services. Users can create and share reports with colleagues within Workday or through 3rd party applications such as Microsoft Excel®. Reports are also available as RSS to secure readers and carry with them role-based security to protect confidential information.

-- Workday includes hundreds of packaged reports and custom reports can be created by business users, requiring no IT assistance.

Comments on the News

"Business intelligence solutions have traditionally been a bolt-on to the system of record, requiring a big investment in additional software, while leaving the customer with information that is always a step or two behind," said Stan Swete, chief technology officer for Workday. "At Workday, we approach BI with the end-user in mind, making real-time information easily available and simple to manipulate and analyze. And because it is built into the core, users can take immediate action from wherever they are within the solution."

About Workday

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