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The smartest way to make business decisions.

You need to accomplish a critical task to complete an important project. The deadline looms, but you’re stuck. You can't find the essential information, access the right tool, or complete the necessary data analysis. Sound familiar? Making important decisions based on gut feeling is no way to conduct business. That’s why our suite of enterprise applications allows you to easily collect and use data for fact-based decision-making.

Built-in support for big data.

Data drives your business, but valuable data doesn’t always come from within the walls of your organization. That's why Workday allows you to easily combine structured and unstructured data to get a more complete picture of your business—even if the data is from external sources. This “big data” can be explored to reveal meaningful information that was previously unavailable or too time consuming to uncover. Regardless of the data source, type, or volume, all data is treated the same within Workday. It’s immediately accessible and in context.

Close the gap from a-ha! to action.

Workday brings analytics to the point of action. Every report and analytic is based on who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. You can view information around key processes or tasks and then take immediate action in Workday without having to switch systems. With Workday, reports and analytics are simple to build, simple to deploy, and simple to use. The bottom line: actionable analytics improve the productivity of your workforce and enable better, more informed decisions.

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