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Because speed wins.

In today’s frenetic marketplace, staying ahead of the business curve is now a matter of survival. To thrive in this increasingly turbulent environment, your company must be able to accommodate rapid business change. Fortunately, Workday’s technology innovation is racing forward in constant pursuit of what’s possible—and what’s expected.

Change at the speed of business.

Like many consumer applications, Workday embraces a single code line and continuous development model. This means Workday develops on the same code line that our customers are on, which allows us to roll out weekly builds. With continuous development, we can respond quickly to customer requests, allowing you to take advantage of new innovations much faster than the traditional, complex upgrade process.

Empower the business.

Have you tried customizing your old ERP system to meet your business needs, only to find yourself trapped in an expensive, inflexible solution? Fortunately, there is a better way. Workday offers the utmost flexibility to tailor applications to the unique aspects of your business. It allows business users to define and manage their own business processes, reporting, integrations, and custom data requirements. And because they don’t have to involve IT in the process, business users can respond to change faster than ever.

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"Our philosophy is speed wins,
We looked at [Workday] and said these guys get it."

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