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Workday and Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae

"By installing one system, we were able to replace a lot of different slices that were handled by different systems, or in some cases, no system at all. So not only do you get the latest and greatest functionality for one aspect—the HR world—you get the advantage of tying everything together."

Jon Kroehler
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae

Case Study Overview

Sallie Mae ® , the nation's leading provider of education funding, has helped millions of Americans achieve their dream of a higher education.

  • Legacy on-premise ERP system had become rigid and complex and was very expensive to maintain
  • Existing system was unable to show a complete picture of the business and measure performance over time
  • Manual processes created inefficiencies and increased administrative burden
  • Lack of unified, comprehensive view of HR and Finance information

  • Workday Human Capital Management, Financial Management, Procurement, Expenses, Time Tracking, Integration Cloud
  • Unified HCM and Financial Management provide more actionable and real-time information to business leaders at the point of decision
  • Updates take place automatically three times per year; software is never out of date
  • Self-service and an intuitive user interface empower managers with relevant information to improve decision-making
  • Flexible and fully auditable business process framework makes it easier to meet strict financial controls and compliance regulations

  • A unified system with a richer, more comprehensive financial and operational picture of the business
  • Lower total cost of ownership and greater flexibility to serve the dynamic business with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model
  • HR and IT liberated to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Improved operational efficiencies throughout the global finance organization
  • With Workday handling the systems, Sallie Mae can focus on core competencies of its business

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