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Flextronics and Workday


"We knew that we needed a system that provided ease of use and scalability, not just from a user standpoint, but also in terms of building analytics and making better decisions for the company."

Mike McNamara



Headquartered in Singapore, Flextronics is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on delivering complete design, engineering and manufacturing services to automotive, computing, consumer digital, industrial, infrastructure, medical and mobile OEMs. A US$33.6 billion company, Flextronics helps customers design, build, ship and service electronics products through a network of facilities in 30 countries on four continents.

  • Global reporting was tedious, manual and not always accurate
  • Due to many acquisitions, 80 different HR systems existed, which were extremely difficult to manage
  • Various locations acted more like independent entities—separate processes and systems that didn't talk to other parts of the company was inefficient

  • Workday Human Capital Management
  • Single system-of-record for all global employees, making reporting much easier and efficient
  • Self-service empowers managers to have an accurate view of their organization, visibility into how much their employees cost, and what their employees are working on
  • Subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery offers reduced up-front investment and cost savings, and empowers the IT organization to be agile

  • 80 HR systems replaced by a single system
  • 30% reduction in total cost of ownership compared to a packaged solution from a traditional vendor
  • Freed up HR from transaction-based processes, allowing them to focus on strategic projects to the business and provide data to business leaders to help make data-driven decisions

Additional Case Studies


"With Workday, we have a product that changes life for people at HP."

Scott Spradley
CIO Global Functions


"We almost made the decision to stick to the familiar world of what we had. Thank goodness we didn’t. We now have HR, payroll, and financials in one application thanks to Workday."

Riaan du Preez
Director of HR & Financial Applications


“Workday will substantially change the life of our leaders."

Roberto Pucci
Executive Vice President of Human Resources

Bill Gosling Outsourcing

“Workday has impacted the way our business operates, so much so that it now contributes to our strategy going forward as it relates to growth, expansion, and new opportunities for our clients and our employees.”

David Rae

Bill Gosling Outsourcing

“It’s been great to have an HR and financial system unified.”

Noel Watson
VP, Corporate Controller


"Workday is beloved at Cardinal Health."

Carole Watkins
Chief Human Resources Officer

Cardinal Health
MGM Resorts International

"We wanted managers to spend more time with their employees, coaching them, engaging them, rewarding their behavior, so that employees spend more time with the guests providing great service."

Michelle DiTondo
Senior Vice President of Human Resources

MGM Resorts International
Broward College

"At the highest level, Workday is going to be increasingly powerful for our organization because we’re able to make decisions faster with more complete information."

J. David Armstrong

Broward College