Products, IPOs, and a Conference in the Cloud

May 27, 2011

Our picks for this week’s Workday Wrap-Up include two reports from the SIIA All About the Cloud conference in San Francisco this week, cloud-related product news from VMware and Google, and a report from CNBC’s Jon Fortt on five companies potentially gearing up for an IPO.

SIIA All About the Cloud Conference

Jon Fortt from CNBC reports from the conference and asks the question, “Are we in a tech bubble?”
The Future of Cloud Computing

Phil Wainewright, who also attended, blogs at ZDNet that while “cloud computing is focused on technology, I believe that the most important innovations on cloud platforms are going to happen at a business level.”
Cloud and the reshaping of business

Cloud and Industry News

VMware announces its Horizon App Manager, which Quentin Hardy of Forbes remarks is “a big move into end-user centric access and management of cloud-based applications.”
VMware’s Horizon-Another Blow To PC Makers

Denis Pombriant, in a blog at Enterprise Irregulars, takes a look at how different types of vendors are approaching the cloud market and notes, “ERP companies now all look poised to go through the next ten years with architectures that are a jumble of old and new.”
The Retreat Up Market

Stephen Shankland at CNET News talks to the industry about expectations for Google’s
Chromebook, scheduled to debut June 15.
How Google Apps could boost Chromebook sales


Peter Crush writes at HR Magazine about Stephen Dando, chief HR officer at Thomson Reuters, who says of Workday: "It is not a technology project, but about giving us a way of adding value back to the business, by making talent insights-led."
Fine and Dando

Brian Sommer blogs at ZDNet about the differences he sees between SAP and Workday, and follows that up with a second blog on in-memory databases.
The Future of Business: SAP vs. Workday
SAP vs. Workday - In-Core/Memory Resident DB Usage

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