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A Scalable Application for High-Growth Technology Companies

Workday gives technology companies the ability to increase efficiency, adapt to change, and improve visibility into their high-growth enterprises.

With Workday, technology companies gain:

  • Tools to win the war for talent and gain competitive advantage
  • Improved efficiency and visibility across your complex portfolio of products and solutions
  • A suite of enterprise applications that can scale with your rapid growth

Technology companies need processes and systems that can keep pace with organizational growth and manage an increasingly complicated portfolio of products and solutions. They also face fierce competition for talent, especially engineers.

Learn how Workday applications address these issues.

Win the war for talent

  • Attract, develop, and retain hard-to-find employees, including technical talent, with a unified HCM and Talent Management solution.
  • Understand the cost and capabilities of your workforce to drive innovation and growth with Workday Workforce Lifecycle Management.

Improve efficiency and visibility across your complex portfolio of products and solutions

Scale with your rapid growth

  • Reduce cost and time to deploy with a cloud-based suite of enterprise applications that can help you get to market faster and scale as you grow.
  • Adapt the solution to meet your future needs with business process and organizational agility.
  • Provide employees with easy-to-use tools that help them get information faster.

 I absolutely think that Workday is going to help us know our talent pool, access our talent pool, and make better decisions—and help executives make better decisions—about our workforce. 

— Kristen Robinson, SVP of Global HR Programs, Rewards and Operations, Yahoo!

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