An Agile, Cost-Effective, Cloud-Based Application for State and Local Government

Workday helps government organizations prepare for the future with reduced costs, an optimized workforce, improved efficiency, and better insight into information.

  • Leverage the cloud delivery model to reduce costs and free up valuable resources
  • Optimize and align your workforce
  • Adopt a flexible, modern platform that can adapt to your changing needs
  • Gain strategic and operational insight with easier access to information

Watch Empower Your Organization with Workday for State and Local Government Product Preview

    As budgets continue to shrink, governments need to be more agile, increase productivity, and optimize limited resources. But many government organizations are saddled with decades-old IT infrastructure that is expensive to maintain, difficult to upgrade or change, and offers little visibility into the people in the organization.  Meanwhile, constituents are expecting more transparency, consumer-friendly services, and efficiency.

    Workday is an agile, cost-effective, cloud-based application that helps governments prepare for the future. 

    Reduced Cost and Complexity

    • Lower and more predictable costs than traditional on-premise solutions
    • Ability to allocate IT resources to more strategic projects
    • Reduced liability and risk: leverage Workday’s industry-leading capabilities in security and data center operations

    An Optimized Workforce

    • Complete inventory of the skills and capabilities of the workforce to optimize productivity
    • Improved ability to identify and reward top talent
    • Alignment of talent with strategic priorities

    Process Efficiency and Agility

    • A foundation for shared services with a true, multi-tenant cloud platform, which allows governments to standardize processes while configuring locally
    • Multiple dynamic organization structures that can be easily evolved over time
    • More than 200 business processes optimized with industry best practices to drive efficiency
    • Ability to share reports, best practices, and integrations with other members of the community because all Workday customers are on the same software version

    Information at your Fingertips

    • Simple and easy to use consumer-like interface that requires minimal training
    • Built-in, actionable analytics that provide strategic and operational insight
    • Support for mobile platforms such as the iPad and iPhone