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Manage your complex workforce across locations.

Retail and hospitality employees—whether salaried, contingent, or seasonal—are often the largest expense for an organization. Optimizing this resource is critical in the face of increasing competition and tight margins, but many companies are constrained by inefficient and expensive HR and financial systems.

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Workday gives retail and hospitality companies the tools to manage an ever-changing workforce and gain a real-time, consolidated view into operations across locations.

With Workday, retail and hospitality companies gain:

  • An application to manage your diverse, complex workforce.
  • Actionable worker and financial information across your distributed locations.
  • Ability to refocus IT resources where it matters: your customers.
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Manage your diverse, complex workforce.
  • Understand the cost and capabilities of your entire workforce—including hourly, seasonal, and contingent workers—with Workday HCM.
  • Manage the rapid hiring of new and seasonal employees with Workday's on-boarding capabilities.
  • Ensure you have the right skills and capabilities to grow your business with Workday Talent Management.
Gain actionable worker, financial, and operational information across distributed locations.
  • Use Workday's comprehensive financial management application to drive operational efficiencies across locations.
  • Gain greater visibility into the financial performance of your business with richer financial reporting and real-time analytics.
  • Use Workday's mobile solutions for anytime/anywhere access to financial and worker information at any location.
  • Configure the application to meet the needs of different locations.
Refocus IT resources where it matters.
  • Free your IT team from managing the infrastructure and upgrades of on-premise systems.
  • Redeploy IT resources towards more strategic priorities, such as customer service and loyalty initiatives.
  • Build and maintain integrations to your operational systems, such as point of sale and merchandising applications, with the Workday Integration Cloud.


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