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A unified, people-centric approach for services organizations.

Services companies often manage their business in silos, with employee, project, and financial data all housed in different systems. This severely limits operational and financial insight, making it difficult to efficiently deploy resources and manage project costing and accounting.

Forward-thinking services companies are choosing Workday to address these challenges. Workday offers a simple and unified approach to running people-based businesses. It includes Human Capital Management (HCM), Financial Management, Talent Management, Professional Services Automation (PSA), and easy integration to CRM.

With Workday, your services company will gain:

  • A talent lifecycle approach to managing your people in one easy-to-use HCM application
  • Operational excellence with a unified PSA solution
  • A real-time view of operations and finance with a full range of finance and accounting capabilities, business insights, and fully auditable processes
  • Real-time analytical insights including resource risks, operational dashboards, and scorecards
  • Easy integration to CRM, Microsoft Project, and other critical systems through the Workday Cloud
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Benefit from a talent lifecycle approach to managing your people in one easy-to-use HCM application.
  • Manage the entire talent lifecycle including recruiting, on-boarding, and development
  • Create flexible headcount plans, including external and contingent workers
  • Connect the dots between employee performance and compensation, and proactively manage attrition risks for your highest performers
  • Analyze workforce demand and supply, identify capacity gaps, and close with succession pools, recruiting pipelines, and internal/external resources
Achieve operational excellence with a unified PSA solution.
  • Use advanced resource management to staff projects quickly based on qualified worker competencies, skills and past performance
  • Optimize project delivery, resource utilization, and profitability with a full range of projects and billing features
  • Integrate time tracking and expense management either in the office or with mobile capabilities
  • Optimize workforce planning and capacity by incorporating talent lifecycle processes directly into the Workday PSA solution
Gain a real-time view of your entire financial picture with a wide range of finance and accounting capabilities, business insights, and fully auditable processes.
  • Use Workday Financial Management to accommodate a multi-entity, multi-book organization that meets global regulations
  • Manage customer accounts, contracts, and revenue, and automate billing and revenue recognition processes
  • Maximize cash flow, and closely manage project billing, customer receipts, and all payments
  • Take advantage of built-in controls to properly ensure full governance, risk, and compliance
Benefit from real-time analytical insights, including resource risks, operational dashboards, and scorecards.
  • Optimize your workforce and reduce resource risks with predictive talent insights
  • Create operational dashboards and reports that combine Workday and external data sources in context and in real time
  • Flexibly define scorecards that allow you to proactively measure the health of your projects, resources, and financial performance
Integrate seamlessly to CRM, Microsoft Project, and other critical systems directly through the Workday Cloud.
  • Use pre-built cloud connectors for your critical business system integrations
  • Take advantage of Workday’s integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to further extend your enterprise applications into the cloud

Workday is different. Not only are they a true cloud vendor, but their roots begin with human capital, which is the core asset of every professional services firm

— Source: SPI Research (2014)

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