Ensure Continual Workforce Alignment

Today's business climate requires a new approach to workforce alignment. The accelerated pace of globalization, evolving regulatory requirements and a rise in mergers and acquisitions are forcing companies to evolve their business models, strategies and key initiatives and effectively communicate these shifts to their global workforce. Scalability, agility, and alignment can only be achieved by having the right workers doing the right work at the right time at the right cost.

With Workday, you can:

  • Use increased visibility into your global workforce and the work they are doing to align skills and talent to actual work
  • Ensure alignment of people and work efforts to the key initiatives of the company – even as business strategies evolve
  • Cultivate talent pools to ensure the right people are retained and developed
  • Ensure a true pay-for-performance culture based on the actual work and results achieved at the individual, team, and organizational level
  • Equip managers with the right tools to effectively engage, assess, reward and develop their workforce

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Cascading Goals Alone Are Not Enough

As corporate strategy evolves, the goals and objectives of an organization should be dynamically adapted, aligned to and reflected in actual everyday work, which may not happen if goals are set once a year in siloed performance and talent management systems.

With the right tools, HR and managers have the opportunity to avoid misalignment by aligning and tracking people and the actual work being done in real-time to higher-level goals and initiatives in a single, unified system-of-record.

Encourage and Engage the Workforce

Research shows the top drivers of attraction, retention, and engagement are related to themes of alignment. Organizations can go beyond formally aligning performance management to organizational objectives and rewards and increase their effectiveness by aligning actual work to these objectives to tie everyday activity to goals.

Organizations can now manage their talent better than ever by segmenting and optimizing their workforce for high performance and development to support current business needs. By achieving performance differentiation, organizations can then ensure their best workers are tasked with the organization’s most critical initiatives for continued success.

Transparency Leads to Success

Linking accurate, real-time worker data to strategic goals gives managers the visibility to ensure the actual work being done in the organization supports evolving business needs. This also gives individual workers insight into how their efforts contribute directly to their success and the success of the company. With this additional transparency, performance appraisals and goal management become a more meaningful exercise.

Achieve Alignment and Reach Your Goals

Workday’s unified SaaS solution can help your company meet, or even exceed, its corporate goals. By equipping your managers with the right tools to effectively engage, assess, reward and develop their workforce, you will be taking important steps in creating a high-performance culture throughout your organization.

Use unprecedented visibility to further align and optimize your organization.